Preferred commuter LLC

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    Perferred Commuter

    Preferred Commuter is a website dedicated to transportation service, which was created by AppS4Me (Technological Solutions). This site will help you with your personalized transportation requests, they will be attended by professionals. Contact us by 415-594-0001, or you can for Contact us by email. Tell your friends about Preferred Commuter. Thank you for visiting.

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    Always On Time

    In Preferred Commuter we prioritize your time, so our drivers arrive at the starting point 15 minutes in advance, in this way we make the transfer from point a to b an effective and safe transfer.

Contact Us

Please write the request in a clear and orderly way through our email, we will contact you, write the request according to the service you wish to contract. Thank you very much for contacting Preferred Commuter! ..


Demonstration video showing a part of our company's vehicle fleet, such as Preferred Commuter LLC..